Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Wow. What a day!!
Thank you to everyone who came out to race or watch. You are the reason for this race in the end!
This was by far my favorite format this year.
We did a points based alleycat.
All racers were given 1 hour to complete the manifest.
Points were awarded to the first 10 finishers: 1st got 10 points, 2nd got 9 and so on.
The rest of the points were awarded as described in the manifest:

Needless to say we got to see some pretty interesting pics!
Nicole (De Mis Ojos Photography) was out taking pictures...stayed tuned for some sweet shots!
You can find more out there with #lingerace4 #lingeracefour and #lingeraceatx

Out of 27 racers, 14 people properly completed their manifests and the results are as follows:

#1      Nick Hill                      47 points     (finished 9th)
#2      Brooks G.                    46 points     (finished 3rd)
#3      Russ Garcia                 44 points     (finished 5th)
#4      Daud Tashnick            44 points     (finished 8th)
#5      Rick Dogg                   42 points     (finished 4th)
#6      AJ S.                            42 points     (finished 6th)
#7      Cedar W.                     41 points     (finished 2nd on the 3rd attempt) *best dressed*
#8      Natasha Navarro         41 points     (finished 7th)
#9      Jamie Hollingsworth   32 points     (finished 14th)
#10    Bobbi Rogers              25 points      (finished 1st on 2nd attempt) *fastest finish*
#11    Rob K.                         24 points     (finished 12th on a polo ratio)
#12    Reva                            22 points     (finished 10th)
#13    Miranda                       21 points     (finished 13th)
#14    Dan Nicely                  19 points     (finished 11th, also on a polo ratio?)

Thank You again and forever to our sponsors!!
Fast Folks and Cheer Up Charlie's for letting us take over your business'...you're the best yet again!!
Fascinations, our Premiere Sponsor, thanks again for your generous donations!
Vixen Creations, omg you are the masters of ALL the dildos! Thank you for donating/sharing your gift with us!
Cindies, our "lifer" supporter so far! Thanks again!
Brass Ovaries and VAMPS, the best way to work out...on a pole! Thank you for the class cards and gift certificate!
Package Menswear, first time supporter...hot ass undies!
John Francis at Orbit Salon, thank you for all the donated hair cuts!!
St Arnold Brewery, long time supporter, THANKS FOREVER
T$A (Team Super Awesome), ya...you're super awesome!!
last but not least Dan Nicely, always drawing hot babes, drew our poster lady...THANKS!!

If you didn't make it out...welp...THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!!!


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