Monday, April 15, 2013

New Blog! Old Info!

The LingeRace is an annual local bicycle race, designed every year as a fundraiser to benefit the Ladies of Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club. The race is meant to be performed in lingerie style dress, for glory, and for fun! Typically we do a random-drawn pairs criterion style race, and this year we're excited to add side events to expand our crowd and our cycling support!

We've decided to congregate all of the LingeRace info in one place for this year, and many more to come! Count on this being an event each year to celebrate each other and cycling!

We would be remiss if we didn't do a small recap of the first two years, pre the blog, with at least some photos and video to get you in the mood.

2011 the LingeRace was held at Eastwoods Park, Austin, TX
Footage of our first Lingerace can be seen here

2012 the LingeRace was held at Shangri-La, Austin, TX
Pictures from last year can be seen here:
Slightly Removed Photography
Ken's (a friend) Facebook Lingerace Photos

This was the poster for 2012
 We cannot thank our sponsors and supporters enough! Without them we would have no raffle and thus no way to call this a fundraiser.
Thank you to our previous years' donors and the current roster we have for 2013's race!
See the above entries for those fabulous companies!


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